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Choosing the Right CPA Discipline – Made Simple

Feeling lost with the changes to the CPA exam? You're not alone. With the BEC exam now divided into three distinct discipline tracks, it's natural to feel unsure about which direction to take. But we're here to guide you through it.

08 May 2024


CPA Roles: Navigating Careers Across Industries

What comes to mind when you think of CPAs? You probably picture them crunching numbers in offices. However, there's more to their story. CPAs have exciting career paths across various industries, going beyond traditional accounting & finance roles. Let's explore them!

02 Apr 2024


Caution: Fraudulent Activity!

03 Jan 2024


Which Certification Suits you best: CPA, CMA or DipIFR?

20 Dec 2023


Top Accounting Technical Skills You Need In 2023

23 Aug 2023