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Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

Earning the CAIA® Charter signifies a comprehensive grasp of alternative investment strategies, encompassing hedge funds, real assets, private equity, and structured products.

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About CAIA

The CAIA® Charter is the most respected qualification in alternative investments, making you a highly sought-after professional. As the CAIA® designation grows in popularity, the rewards for holding it also increase.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of portfolio management from the investor's perspective and implement diverse investment strategies while staying ahead of industry trends with the two-level credential.

CAIA Exam Topics

Level I Curriculum
• Hedge Funds
• Introduction to Alternative Investments
• Private Securities
• Professional Standards and Ethics
• Real Assets
• Structured Products

Level II Curriculum
• Accessing Alternative Investments
• Emerging Topics
• Ethics Regulations and ESG
• Due Diligence and Selecting Managers
• Institutional Asset Owners and Investment Policies
• Methods for Alternative Investing
• Models
• Risk and Risk Management
• Volatility and Complex Strategies

Learn about the steps needed to achieve the CAIA Charter

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Morgan has partnered with Kaplan Schweser to offer you an interactive and comprehensive study experience combining powerful study and practice tools.

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Requirements ...

Requirements to Earn the CAIA® Charter include:

  • Pass Level I and Level II of the CAIA exam
  • Meet one of the two requirements below:
  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, with a minimum of one year of professional experience
  2. Have a minimum of four years of professional experience
  • Have a minimum of four years of professional experience
  • Agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the CAIA Association® Member Agreement
  • Provide two professional references
  • Establish and maintain membership in CAIA Association

My overall experience at Morgan International was great. It wasn't an easy choice to register for the CFA exam, but with your guidance and support, I achieved my goal. Morgan provided smooth lectures led by experienced professionals, planned study program, and all tools needed to ace the exam.

— Reem Tawil - Lebanon

Chartered Financial Analyst

Exam Essentials

According to candidate surveys conducted by the CAIA Association, it is recommended to dedicate over 200 hours of study for preparation per level. To effectively organize your study schedule, it's crucial to understand the curriculum content and exam structure.

Level I CAIA exam
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    4 hours
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    200 MCQs
Level II CAIA exam
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    4 hours
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    100 MCQs & 3 sets of constructed-response (essay-type questions)