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Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Become fluent in the global language of financial reporting and secure a competitive advantage.

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About the DipIFR

The DipIFR certification program enables professionals to navigate the complexities of financial reporting in a global business environment. By mastering the principles and practices of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), professionals gain a competitive edge in their careers as they become proficient in interpreting, analyzing, and implementing IFRS requirements accurately.

The following are key topic areas of the diploma:

  • International sources of authority
  • Elements of Financial statements
  • Presentation of financial statements and additional disclosures
  • Preparation of external financial reports for combined entities, associates, and joint arrangements

The program is particularly beneficial for accountants, auditors, finance managers, and professionals aspiring to advance their careers in multinational corporations, accounting firms, financial institutions, or regulatory bodies.


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Requirements ...

If you are a professional accountant or auditor who works in practice or business, and are qualified according to national accounting standards, then you are eligible to take this ACCA financial reporting qualification.

If you are working in practice, but not yet qualified, then you may still be eligible. You will need:​

  • Two years' relevant accounting experience and a relevant degree (attracting at least ACCA qualification exemptions for the Applied Knowledge and Corporate and Business Law (LW) exams) ​
  • OR Two years relevant accounting experience and an ACCA Certificate in IFR​
  • OR Three years' relevant accounting experience ​
  • OR ACCA affiliate status​
DipIFR Student Catalog & Policies

The student catalog provides program and course descriptions, academic policies, repeat and refund policies.

Thanks to the wonderful staff at Morgan International I managed to turn my career plans into a reality! My DipIFR journey was pleasant and fruitful due to their continuous support.

— Mohamed Khatib - Jordan

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

A working mom, I was recently appointed as Head of Financial Risk Management at Touch Telecom. I took the initiative to learn IFRS and was committed from day one by revising modules and solving problems. I had an amazing experience at Morgan International. The classes were interactive & their instructors helped me gain solid knowledge which facilitated my preparation & contributed to my success in passing the exam. I highly recommend studying this diploma at Morgan!

— Margueritta Chami - Lebanon

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

I am grateful I had the chance to attend the DipIFR course at Morgan International. It was a stimulating and engaging course that helped me pass the DipIFR exam.

— Abdullah Hammouri - Jordan

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Getting DipIFR certified is definitely an achievement! Yet attending the training at Morgan International has taken my knowledge to another level with their professional instructors, support, guidance and much more. It can't get any better than this!

— Jessica Haber - Lebanon

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Exam Essentials

Exam Format
The Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR) is assessed by a single three-hour, 15-minute computer-based exam. You will need to achieve a 50 per cent mark or above to pass the exam. The exam requires a mix of calculations and written answers. The assessment marks are: 4x25 mark questions.

Testing Windows
You can take the DipIFR exam in hundreds of ACCA exam centers around the world. You will need to schedule your exams to fall within one of the two testing dates each year (June and December)