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CPA Four Parts Premium Package


Becker’s Premium Exam Review package includes unlimited access to an always-up-to-date course, printed textbooks, your choice of a Discipline Section course, and access to CPA Exam success coaches.

Most popular package! Take advantage of unlimited access to Becker’s CPA review course, print and digital textbooks, digital flashcards, practice tests, 1,900 additional multiple-choice questions, success coaching and more!

What’s included:
– Unlimited access (condtions apply)
– CPA printed & annotated digital textbooks
– Adapt2U Technology Powered by Sana Labs
– Proficiency Score for Every Module
– Task-based simulations
– More than 400 SkillMaster videos
– Content updated regularly to match CPA exam blueprint
– 12 Simulated exams that mirror the CPA exam style and content
– Online FAQ database
– Unlimited practice tests
– Mobile app access
– Study planner
– User interface of the software that replicates the exam
– Study notes
– Video lectures
– Task-based simulations with 400+ SkillMaster videos
– Accounting for Empires game
– MCQ bank with additional 1,100+ questions
– 1,400+ digital flashcards
– Access to CPA exam Success Coaches