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Advancing in your accounting career can start by passing the FMAA exam and earning the title of Financial & Managerial Accounting Associate. But you need a good plan for that! Here’s what you need to do to get started:

Step 1: Schedule Your Exam

  • If you haven’t already, go to the IMA website and register.
  • Explore the FMAA exam dates and testing centers.
  • Select a test day that works for you and reserve a seat at the testing facility.

Step 2: Gather Your Resources

The IMA has great resources, but to truly conquer the FMAA exam, consider partnering with an expert training provider. As a Platinum Provider and Partner of the IMA, Morgan International offers you:

  • Top-notch FMAA study materials specifically designed to help you excel.
  • Aligned courses and resources with the latest exam format and content areas, partnering with PRC
  • Exam prep options and find the perfect fit for your learning style
  • The confidence and knowledge you need to succeed!

Step 3: Craft Your Study Schedule

  • The IMA recommends 50-75 hours of study time.
  • Grab a calendar and block out dedicated study sessions. Aim for consistent, focused sessions (2-3 hours) rather than sporadic cramming.
  • Schedule time for practice exams. Ideally, space them out throughout your study period to track your progress.

Step 4: Start Studying!

  • Begin with the FMAA Candidate Handbook to understand the exam format and content areas.
  • Dive into your chosen study materials. Follow their recommended approach or personalize it to fit your learning style.
  • Schedule your first practice exam after covering a significant portion of the material. Analyze your results and identify areas needing improvement.


Consistency is key. Sticking to your study plan and actively engaging with the materials will increase your chances of FMAA exam success.


Our expert program advisors are ready to study your education and experience to advise you on the program that fits your career path!