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Tailored Learning & Development Solutions

Equip your team with the skills, tools, and insights they need to excel in their respective fields with customized training solutions.

We understand that every organization is unique, and so are their employee training requirements. That’s why we offer both off-the-shelf training programs and customized solutions tailored to your specific goals and challenges. 

Corporate In-House Training Programs

Professional Certification Review Courses

Industry-Specific Workshops

Soft Skills Workshops

Continuing Professional Education


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Corporate Training Approach

  1. Identify Your Training Needs
  2. Develop A Tailored Program
  3. Deliver An Impactful Learning Experience
  4. Assess & Measure Results
  5. Provide Continuing Development

Partnerships That Make A Difference

Through esteemed global partnerships, we deliver innovative educational technologies and adaptive learning approaches.

Crafting Effective Solutions

  • Optimized platforms, learning systems and study resources from global industry leaders
  • Structured schedules with lectures, assignments and study plan 
  • A faculty of certified, engaging and highly experienced instructors
  • Adaptive learning that adjusts based on performance and progress 
  • Interactive introductory sessions to familiarize candidates with the course curriculum and address prep best practices 
  • Tailored practice and review sessions to help retain key concepts and focus on practice areas to improve exam-taking skills & speed
  • Customized exam tips and strategy sessions
  • Technical 1-on-1 support for eligibility assessment and exam application
  • Continuing Professional Education courses and workshops to stay updated on industry trends and apply expertise on the job 
  • Association membership benefits
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Satisfied Client Network

I am grateful I had the chance to attend the DipIFR course at Morgan International. It was a stimulating and engaging course that helped me pass the DipIFR exam.

— Abdullah Hammouri – Jordan

Diploma in International Financial Reporting

I would like to thank Morgan International and Becker CPA Exam Review for their support during my CPA journey as I couldn’t do it without them! I recommend Becker and Morgan International to anyone planning on pursuing the CPA credential; they have a study plan which makes it much easier than any other exam review. I have successfully score: AUD 87, BEC 75, FAR 86, REG 85

— Moa’ath Abdelrahman Mansour – Jordan

U.S. Certified Public Accountant