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Imagine your money going to work for you, but also working for a world you believe in. That’s the power of ethical investing!

Ever feel curious about where your investments end up? Ethical investing lets you choose companies that share your values, because let’s be honest, money isn’t everything. You want your hard-earned cash to grow, sure, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it also helped make things better?

This is where ESG comes in. It’s a legitimate way of saying we consider three key areas:

  • Environment: Is this company a friend to the planet, or a foe? We look at things like pollution, climate change, and how they use resources.
  • Social: Does the company treat its employees, customers, and the community fairly? We consider diversity, labor practices, and how involved they are in giving back.
  • Governance: Is the company run by good eggs? We want strong leadership, transparency, and accountability. No shady business here!

So, how do you jump on the ethical investing train?

  • Figure out what matters to you. What keeps you up at night? Is it climate change? Animal rights? Worker treatment? Knowing your priorities helps you pick investments that align.
  • Do your research. There are tons of ESG-friendly options out there! Explore mutual funds, ETFs (think: pre-made investment baskets!), and even individual stocks that match your criteria.
  • Talk to a pro (optional). Financial advisors can be like money coaches. They can help you craft a personalized plan that considers both your financial goals and the kind of world you want to invest in.
  • Invest in Yourself, First. You want to handle your sustainable investing plans yourself? Study and earn a professional certification tailored to ESG Investing. Learn more at this link.

The good news? Ethical investing doesn’t mean giving up on returns. In fact, studies suggest companies that prioritize ESG factors can perform just as well, if not better, than traditional investments.

Ready to put your money where your heart is and make a real difference? Enquire about the ESG Investing course at Morgan International