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Myth 1: It’s impossible to pass the CPA exam!

Fact: Yes, the CPA exam is difficult but not impossible. According to the  AICPA CPA Exam Pass Rates released on June 2024:

*Core Exam Sections:

  • AUD: 44.63%
  • FAR: 41.92%
  • REG: 63.42%

*Discipline Exam Sections:

  • BAR: 42.94%
  • ISC: 50.93%
  • TCP: 82.36%

With proper preparation, dedication, and the right study materials, you can be among those who succeed.

Myth 2: It has been known that only accounting majors can become CPAs

Fact: While beneficial, an accounting background is not strictly required for CPA candidates. Many jurisdictions allow candidates with degrees in related fields, such as finance or business, to sit for the exam, provided they meet specific coursework requirements.
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Myth 3: CPAs Only Work in Public Accounting

Fact: CPAs enjoy diverse career opportunities across corporate finance, government, non-profits, academia, consulting, forensic accounting, and information technology. The CPA credential serves as a versatile foundation for various career paths.

Read more on this here!

Myth 4: Its Useless Unless You’re in the US

Fact: Many consider the US CPA to be the highest accounting designation across the globe and not only in America. Mutual recognition agreements between the US and several countries enhance its international recognition. As a US CPA, you join the AICPA, the world’s largest accounting organization. This membership opens doors to expanded opportunities, boosts earning potential (with increases exceeding 10%, as noted by Nasba), enhances job security, and offers the flexibility to pursue diverse career paths.

Myth 5: It’s Way too Expensive!

Fact: It’s not expensive compared to how much it would benefit you; it’s an investment. CPAs earn 10-15% higher salaries and have better job security than non-certified accountants. Many employers sponsor their employees to get certified, recognizing the added value that CPA-certified employees bring to the job through their enhanced skills and contribution to business growth.

PS: we offer flexible payment options to support your journey towards becoming a CPA😉

Myth 6: Working + Studying for the Exam = Impossible

Fact: Working and studying for the CPA exam is tough but doable. Many people successfully balance their work and study for the exam. Time management and a study plan are key. With the right preparation approach, adaptive study resources, and a supportive training provider (aka us), you can plan effectively and achieve success.

To Sum it Up

Now that we’ve cleared up these myths, you’re better equipped to decide if pursuing CPA certification is right for you. At Morgan International, we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Bust the myth!