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Bringing Positivity into Workplace

Posted on October 16, 2018 10:12 am;

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It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, the company you work for, or your colleagues – there will be days when you absolutely wish you could switch off your computer, throw your paperwork in the bin, and just leave for the beach on full pay, never to return. However, bringing a little positivity into the workplace by making your workspace your own can mean that certainly during core hours, there’s no place you’d rather be.

    • Listen to music – of course, if you’re in an open plan office, this isn’t practical. The complete symphonies of Beethoven might be your cup of tea, but they might not be the ultimate in attracting positive energy for your colleagues. If you’re doing mundane tasks like going through the filing or catching up with the latest industry developments online, put on your headphones; it’ll help your focus and your recall too!
    • Decorate your desk – we’ve all had colleagues who will put up bunting, and load their desks with so many soft toys that they don’t have room for their in-tray. However, a few discreet family photographs will work wonders for your morale. If you’re yearning for your next holiday, a photograph of your destination will help you focus on your work, knowing that your next break isn’t far away.
    • Add a plant or two – not only do plants help to improve the air quality in offices, they’re great to look at too. Try to avoid flowering plants as your colleagues with hay fever won’t thank you for the red eyes and runny noses. Colour psychologists will tell you that green has a calming effect, so plants will help to reduce workplace stress and anxiety, as well as brightening up your workspace.
    • Turn your office into an art gallery – a few paintings or prints around the building can have a significant positive impact on your workspace. There’s no right or wrong with art, and abstract works can be a great talking point with your colleagues and clients, and help to boost your own creativity. If you source from local artists, you’ve got the extra boost of helping a local creative.

Of course, sometimes the only way to boost your workplace positivity is to improve your skills and qualifications. At Morgan International, we offer a wide range of certifications from accounting and auditing, through to HR and logistics. Contact us today to see if we can be an extra positive in your working life.

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