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How HRs Can Make a Positive Contribution

Posted on November 26, 2018 6:52 am;

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In the past, HR (or personnel as it was formerly known) was merely a function to deal with employee relations and in some cases, viewed only as an unnecessary overhead. These days though, HR has been dramatically reformed, and it is now multi-functional, with endless possibilities to make a real contribution to the business. HR deal with employees, who are the main cog of the business, which gives incredible scope for HR professionals to make huge contributions. These are some ways HR professionals can make changes in the business.

  1. Embrace Technology

Although HR has lagged behind other industries with the introduction of technology, there seems to be a shift happening and more businesses than ever are starting to incorporate AI into their daily functions to improve processes. HR professionals can make significant changes within their businesses if they embrace technology, rather than shying away from it. If you want to make a difference within in your role, you need to be open to technology and willing to learn more about the different options available, such as HR chatbots.

  1. Adopt New Performance Management Systems

Market conditions in the Middle East are tough and the tired annual appraisal systems are often ineffective in improving employee performance and organizational success. HR professionals looking to make a difference will be willing to look at the different appraisal systems available and find the right one to suit the needs of the business.

  1. Smarter Recruitment

Recruitment has changed incredibly over the past few years and it is likely to continue to evolve as time goes on. HR can no longer just advertise jobs and wait for applications, they need to be more proactive and use innovative methods to attract new talent into the business. If you want to make a difference in your company, recruitment should be a key focus. HR professionals need to be focused on building a brand and telling a story about the company to entice candidates to apply, rather than just advertising roles and waiting for the applications. The right people can make a huge impact on the business, so it is important that recruitment becomes a priority. With many Middle East business suffering because of skills shortages in technical roles, recruitment should be a priority.

  1. Better Collaboration

HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum consider the wellbeing of staff as a focus and this needs to be a priority for all UAE businesses. In order to improve productivity and retention levels in the workplace, HR professionals need to help promote a positive culture within the workplace. It goes much further than just putting systems into place, HR needs to ensure employees feel valued and this means better collaboration. Employees should be invited to provide feedback on a regular basis and to voice any concerns they have. This will allow HR to resolve any issues before they become a major problem.

  1. Increase Development Opportunities

HR needs to lead the way in ensuring employees have opportunities to develop within their roles and within the organization. Millennials are interested in having a purpose within their jobs and many want the chance to move into leadership roles. It is imperative that this becomes a focus for HR professionals if they want to ensure the business thrives.

As HR is constantly changing, it is important that HR professionals keep up with the pace. One way to do this is by earning an SHRM certification which will help you grow and advance your career. If you’d like to find out more about improving your expertise in HR, you may want to try one of our SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP courses.

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