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What Makes the CFA® charter a Top Financial Industry Credential?

Posted on March 1, 2017 1:48 pm;

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Leading global recognition

The CFA® charter is the most recognized investment credential in the world with five decades of respected history.

Benchmark for recruitment

Employers regard the CFA® charter as a desirable and increasingly essential credential.

Graduate level curriculum

The program provides a solid grounding in investment analysis and portfolio management skills.

Equipped for analysis and decision-making

The CFA® charter equips its holders with the most required skills in the fast-evolving global financial industry.

Proven financial acumen

Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of in-demand know-how.

Enforces ethical standards

A CFA® charterholder upholds the highest professional standards and adheres to a strict code of ethics.

Industry relevant

The CFA® Program curriculum equips candidates with the skills and know-how in use and in demand by the finance industry of today.

Implements global best practices

Extensive ongoing analysis ensures that charterholders embrace current global best practices in their work.

Delivers practical, real world skills

The CFA® Program curriculum takes candidates beyond text book ideas to practical know-how that is instantly applicable and useful in their career.

Offers breadth of knowledge

The curriculum is comprehensive and delivers a deep understanding that enables charterholders to apply their skills in a range of roles.

Still not convinced? Discover the opportunities the CFA® charter brings, no matter what stage of your career you’re in!

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