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What Can I Do With My CFA Charter?

Posted on November 4, 2018 10:47 am;

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Obtaining a CFA charter (Chartered Financial Analyst) takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. So if you are considering pursuing it yourself you may already be wondering what you can do with it, or more precisely what career doors it is likely to open. Bearing in mind that the qualification is both highly esteemed and recognized as an industry standard, there are several clear career opportunities that holders could venture into.

Long term career opportunities
The CFA charter is almost a given requirement for individuals who are interested in seeking a long-term career in the finance industry. Many corporations and even medium-sized companies will require such a qualification as a prerequisite even before the interview stage. Upper-level positions within larger organizations tend to demand higher levels of qualification and the CFA charter will tick those boxes.

Portfolio management
Right at the top of the jobs list for CFA holders is the position of portfolio manager with a staggering 22% of the world’s holders of the qualification holding the position. It is no surprise that those who train for it are recognized as having all the skills needed to fulfill the post. From carrying out research and collecting pertinent data to advising on and making important investment decisions, portfolio managers handle a huge level of responsibility.

Research analyst
The remit of the research analysts involves carrying out in-depth financial reviews of publically traded companies and collecting and utilizing data concerning their activities. This data is then used to make recommendations in view of the securities (stocks and shares) that specific companies deal in. This data and the role of the research analyst more often than not drive the buying and selling decisions of those investing in the markets.
With 15 percent of CFA holders working as research analysts, the role is the number 2 employment option among those who hold the qualification.

Chief Executive (CEO)
With around 7 percent of CFA charter holders ending up as CEOs, while the qualification is no guarantee of success in climbing the corporate ladder, the figures certainly speak for themselves. With financial skills figuring so highly in any business but especially in larger corporations, it should come as no surprise that the CFA just happens to be held by so many CEOs.

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