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Pass Your Level I CFA® Exam With Confidence

Posted on November 20, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Morgan International Staff Writers

Nobody ever sets out to fail their certification exams, but the inevitable reality is that some do. It’s only once the results are out that the soul-searching begins to pinpoint what exactly went wrong.

Another possible cause could be questions left unanswered because you were not familiar with the subject matter. The deeper issue here, though, would be your approach to revision before the exams and possible lack of question practice. In other words: poor preparation. Generally there are three main areas where students should direct their searching. Top of that list could be that not all the questions were answered, based on lack of sufficient time. If only the examiners had given you half an hour or an hour more, you might say, then you would have been able to answer them all. What this really points to, though, is a weakness in your time management and exam technique.

Perhaps you felt that you answered all questions correctly and came away feeling you passed, only later to find out you didn’t. Here, the issue is most likely a failure to address the specific requirements of each question in a succinct and clear manner. Again, preparation is the key word.

With a view to specifically help students overcome all of these issues, Morgan International developed a set of study tools prepared by subject matter experts designed to give students the most thorough preparation, all with the goal of passing. For the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, Morgan's tools and resources gives you a combination of practice questions, mock exams and case study questions. Remember, these have been written by subject matter experts and therefore prime you in the best way possible.

With this valuable information to hand, your preparation should be honed to perfection and you should be well on your way to sitting your exam with confidence you did everything you could to pass.

Pass your Level I CFA® exam with confidence! Click here to view Morgan’s full range of CFA® Program packages.


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