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The CMA Opens Up a World of Opportunities and Exciting Careers

Posted on March 1, 2015 12:57 pm;

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Did you know that with a CMA you could find yourself:

Helping to launch a revolutionary video game

Bob Laux, CMA and Director, External Reporting, Microsoft Corporation, was among those who gave input in the early days as to the accounting implications of whether the Xbox would sell if launched. His role is a vital one at Microsoft and often sees him interfacing with the CEO.

Meeting a global sports icon

Colin Kotchik, CMA and Senior Finance Manager, Nike, has met Kobe Bryant, who happened to sign a pair of his shoes for him. In more serious moments, Colin’s notable achievements include being the driver behind the implementation of a demand planning system at Nike.

Hanging out in the studio with pop stars

Monique Keshishian, CMA and Senior Financial Analyst at Warner Bros. Records, not only manages budgets and contractual fiscal matters, she also gets to rub shoulders with recording artists, and her reports are vital for decision-makers to know which artists are in demand and worth retaining.

Traveling the world. Or even changing the world.

Andre Alexander, CMA and former CFO of the International Special Olympics, has found his career has given him the opportunity to travel the world. For Andre, though, even better was the fulfillment he felt from helping to raise awareness and change attitudes through the Special Olympics.

Becoming a CFO at the age of 28.

Ben Mulling, CMA and CFO at TENTE Casters Inc., earned the role of CFO at the age of 28.  As a member of the IMA Global Board of Directors, he naturally believes that certification is key to boosting career prospects, and says that the CMA is essential to helping people move up in their organization.

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