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So Where Will ACCA Take You?

Posted on February 28, 2015 2:23 pm;

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The good news is that every business needs accountants, and this means your ACCA qualification can take you in many different directions, across industries and sectors, and anywhere around the world. Here’s a short guide to some of the key sectors in which ACCA professionals build their careers.

Public Practice

When you work in public practice it means you provide services to clients – the ‘Big Four’ are examples of companies that provide public practice. The job is diverse in terms of types of clients and types of services, ranging from accounts preparation to taxation, audit to assurance, as well as advisory, financial, business and consultancy services.


Whereas public practice means you deliver services to a diversity of clients, corporate means you are employed by one organization in a supportive role helping to guide business decisions through your insight, and developing investor relationships. This could mean that your job involves anything from audit and advisory to business consulting, or financial and management accounting to taxation.

Public services and not for profit

Your ACCA qualification is equally applicable to work in the public sector or for not-for-profit organizations. In this field your ability to help deliver value for money and add public value will come to the fore through your accounting and financial support expertise.

Financial Services

Being an ACCA can also give you the skills to target a career in banking and financial services in fields such as cash, treasury and funds management. Here your in-depth knowledge will be highly prized in dealing with safeguarding assets, analyzing risk and return, and handling complex financial products.

Shared services and outsourcing

In today’s changing business landscape, as organizations look to cut costs and streamline operations, the use of shared services and outsourcing is growing. Your ACCA qualification equips you with broad and deep functional expertise that enables shared services and outsourced providers to deliver greater value and build capacity to develop their service offerings.

Advisory Sector

Maybe you want to use your ACCA qualification to flex your expertise in guiding organizations to attain growth. The advisory sector is all about providing accountancy insight to help organizations reduce costs, work more efficiently, manage risk and reputation, and improve the entire customer experience.

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