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Posted on January 1, 2018 3:00 am;

The Inspiring CMA Journey of Rubab Fatimah Rizvi

By Rubab Fatimah Rizvi  “Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And departing, leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time.” These lines from the poem, A Psalm of Life, have always inspired me. With a passion for growth and the drive for excellence, I have always aimed Read more >

Posted on November 5, 2015 2:56 pm;

The Confidence Of A Champion

By Adam Wade, Wiley  How one CMA candidate found the confidence to take on the CMA Exam—and the tricky topic of flexible budgeting—with a little help from Muhammad Ali. “Best In Class” Hussein Ghazi Kahwaji is a confident guy who knows he’s destined to do great things as a CMA. A graduate of Lebanese American Read more >

Posted on March 1, 2015 6:52 pm;

CMA Profile: Cameron Meyer

It isn’t very common to attain the title of CFO early in your career, much less at two separate organizations. Yet that’s been the experience of Cameron Meyer, who became a CFO at age 26 for a charter school in Missouri and now serves as the CFO of a Critical Access Hospital in Nebraska. Since Read more >