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MaRC Syllabus

Your Five Easy Steps to Success

  1. Qualify

    There are no pre-requisites for the credential. Shop membership is not a requirement for certification.

  2. Enroll

    Set your sights on success by partnering with Morgan. It’s easy to enroll on Morgan’s Shop! MaRC Program and get started on your journey.

  3. Exam

    Morgan gives you everything you need to feel fully prepared ahead of the exam. Give me the exam 101

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  4. Schedule

    Once you've registered for the exam, you may select a MaRC exam window: February, May, August, or November.  (After registering for the MaRC program, you must wait at least six weeks before taking the exam.)  Shop! will send you an email message with instructions for accessing and taking your MaRC exam online.

    Test Registration
  5. Credential

    If you pass the exam, you’ll receive a MaRC certificate good for three years, and you'll be permitted to identify yourself as a “MaRC-Certified Professional”. Congratulations!

The Shop! MaRC exam in detail

Let Morgan guide you through what to expect from the exam

What’s in the test

The MaRC certification exam surveys retail environments job knowledge across five content domains.  Each of the five domains comprises 20 percent of the exam

  1. Research
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Execute
  5. Evaluate

The Essentials

  • Exam Structure & Time:

    Candidates will have two hours to complete the 100-question, closed-book exam

  • Exam Format:

    Candidates take their exam online. The exam remote proctoring service uses the onboard camera and microphone of the candidate’s computer to monitor the exam session

  • Exam Passing Score:

    You’ll need a minimum score of 80%

To do list:

  • Access the MaRC exam content outline here
  • Download the MaRC Candidate Handbook here

The Morgan Experience

Here’s why you made the right choice:

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A Powerful Partnership

Why Morgan selects Shop!

shop marc
  1. The standard of excellence:

    Shop! is the global trade association dedicated to enhancing retail environments and experiences.
  2. Powerful resource:

    Through global awards, international events, exclusive research and reports, and more
  3. Global reach:

    Shop! serves the global retailing community with members from more than 20 nations
  4. Companies Choose Shop!:

    Shop! represents more than 1400 member companies worldwide