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Title : IQEX Exam, CPA IQEX, International Qualification Examination
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International Qualification Examination


The 5 Steps to IQEX

  1. Qualify

    IQEX is open to professionally qualified accountants in countries whose professional associations have reciprocal agreements with the U.S. accounting profession. Check out your eligibility.
  2. Enroll

    Set your sights on success by partnering with Morgan. It’s easy to enroll on Morgan’s IQEX Program and get started on your journey. Find the IQEX Program perfect for you.
  3. Apply

    You can find everything you need to know about applying in the IQEX candidate bulletin, all contained in one easy-toread handbook. Get the handbook now. Applying made easy.
  4. Exam

    Morgan brings you everything you need to know about what to expect from the IQEX exam. Explore the exam now.
  5. License

    Once you’ve passed the IQEX exam, you’ll need to apply for your CPA license from any of the participating US states. Where and how to license.

Are You Eligible for the IQEX

Are you eligible for the IQEX? Find out whether you meet your IQEX exam requirements with Morgan’s Instant Eligibility Advisor

Eligibility Assessment

Morgan’s initial assessment indicates you are eligible to apply to the following states: New York, Washington, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, California, Oregon, Nevada Disclaimer: Please note your results are only an indication and not an official assessment. To give you a more accurate evaluation, Morgan needs to view your transcripts. This can easily be done via a one-on-one session with a local Morgan representative.
Representative name

The Next Step

Schedule a one-on-one session with a local Morgan representative and upload your transcripts so that our team can review them before your appointment. We look forward to meeting you in person! My free consultation

Let’s take a look at the examin more detail

Your IQEX Exam 101

Morgan has everything you need to know to prepare you for your IQEX exam in one place

Your exam breakdown

  • Ethics, Professional and Legal Responsibilities15%-19%
  • Business Law17%-21%
  • Federal Tax Process11%-15%
  • Federal Taxation of Property Transactions12%-16%
  • Federal Taxation of Individuals13%-19%
  • Federal Taxation of Entities18%-24%

What’s Involved

    Exam Duration:
    3 hours
    Exam Format:
    Good news! Your IQEX exam is similar to the Regulation portion of the U.S. CPA Exam.
  • Exam Structure:
    3 multiple-choice question (MCQ) testlets containing 72 questions and one testlet with 6 task-based simulations.  
  • Testing Window:
    First two months of each calendar quarter:Jan - Feb, Apr - May, Jul - Aug & Oct - Nov
  • Exam Location:
    Any authorized Prometric test center in the 54 U.S. jurisdictions & Canada

To do list:

The Morgan Experience

Here’s why you made the right choice:
  • They Choose Us

    Morgan is the choice of businesses, universities and government bodies across the region.
  • The Morgan Promise

  • You Are #1

    Morgan cares and supports you all the way
  • Double the Pass Rate

    We use the best course provider, Becker CPA Review
  • 20+ Years of Experience:

    Decades of training successful students
  • Your Extra Boost

    Value added tools & resources designed for success
  • Recommended by Thousands

    More than 70,000 candidates since 1995

It’s All About You

So which type of learner are you?

The Disciplined Student

You’re one of those people who never procrastinates, who can set a schedule & stick to it without anyone supervising you, and that means you are naturally disciplined. This is an essential characteristic if you’re considering self study, as setting your own timetable and sticking to it is part of your path to success.
Morgan recommends you select Self Study.

Study your way


Bring Morgan's expertise to your business.

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Still Unsure? Let Morgan help you decide

I’ve got three options to help you decide.Let’s check them out.

Would you like to sample a live class before you decide?
Come and attend a free Morgan live class <? echo $SEO_Array[$countrycode]['City Text 2 = City Text']; ?> to experience the benefits of classroom interaction and meet our instructors. Book my place now - it’s free!
Maybe you still have some unresolved questions?
Your local Morgan representatives will ofer you a free one-on-one consultation <? echo $SEO_Array[$countrycode]['City Text 2 = City Text']; ?> to answer any and all of your outstanding questions. Book my consultation - it’s free!

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A Powerful Partnership

Why Morgan selects Becker
  1. Pass the first time:
      Becker is the only CPA Exam Review that delivers double the pass rate.
  2. No surprises on exam day:
      Becker’s course fully mirrors the CPA Exam – giving you full confidence on exam day.
  3. A 50-year history:
      Becker Professional Education is a global leader in empowering people to advance their careers.
  4. The industry’s choice:
      Nearly 90% of all Watts Sells award winners have prepared with Becker.
  5. Creating winners – why you could be one too:
      Wiley CPA excel’s global network of partners and Approved Providers includes Fortune 500 companies, top trainers, and prestigious universities.
  6. Truly international:
    Becker’s global reach includes 250 locations with more than 1,500 partners – including accounting firms, societies, corporations, government agencies and universities.