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SHRM’s Guide to Building a Thriving Workforce

20 Jun 2024


How Will the CFA Impact Your Career and Life?

11 Jul 2024


ESG Trends | The Future of Sustainable Business

Do you recall the times when businesses could get away with providing vague answers about how "green" they were? Today's ESG trends say "No more"!

10 Jul 2024


Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

Six months have passed since 2024, how is your marketing team doing? The digital marketing world is constantly changing, and you need to make sure your team is always up to date. This year several trends are dominating the scene, reshaping how brands connect with their audiences and drive growth. Let’s dive into these trends.

10 Jul 2024


Choosing the Right Path for Your Career: CMA or CFA?

09 Jul 2024


CPA Myths You Need to Fact-Check

CPA, Certified Public Accountant is a big deal in the accounting world and opens doors to many career opportunities and promotions. But there are many myths and misconceptions about the CPA designation that might scare aspiring accountants. Let’s bust some common myths and present the facts about CPA certification.

03 Jul 2024


Who’s Looking for IFRS Experts?

Let’s start by quickly explaining why IFRS is important: International Financial Reporting Standards, is quickly becoming the universal language of business. From the biggest accounting firms to multinational corporations, fluency in IFRS is a skill that's in high demand. Now, let's explore this vast world and find out the different career paths for IFRS experts!

26 Jun 2024


Advancing Your Career with a GRP Certification: Webinar Recap

Get key takeaways from the latest webinar with GRP expert Enad Abu Naser.

23 Jun 2024


Demystifying the FMAA Exam: Your Guide to Accounting Success

Thinking about launching your management accounting career? The FMAA certification is a powerful stepping stone. But first, the exam. Don't sweat it! This guide will be your roadmap to success.

21 Jun 2024

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