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IFRS Diploma, International Financial Standards
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international financial reporting


Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Your DipIFR is Only 6 Steps Away

  1. Qualify

    To qualify you’ll need to be a professional accountant or auditor qualified to national accounting standards. If you‘re not yet qualified, you may still be eligible with either 3 years relevant experience or a relevant degree plus 2 years work experience or an ACCA CertIFR plus 2 years work experience.

    Do you qualify?
  2. Enroll

    Get started on your way to success by partnering with Morgan. It’s easy to enroll on Morgan’s DipIFR Program. Start your journey today.

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  3. Apply

    You can apply any time, but there are deadlines for booking specific exam sessions.

    Applying made easy.
  4. Exam

    Morgan prepares you for what to expect - no surprises on exam day!

    Let’s explore.
  5. Schedule

    DipIFR official exams take place in June and December - make sure you register by the relevant deadlines to secure your place.

    Find your nearest testing center.
  6. Succeed

    Congrats! Your future as a DipIFR looks bright. But why not continue your learning path with Morgan’s range of online CPE courses?

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Are You Eligible for the DipIFR?

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DipIFR Exam

Let’s explore the DipIFR exam

in more detail

The DipIFR Exam Up Close

Morgan’s 101 on what to expect

The Test At a Glance

There are four main areas you’ll be tested on in the DipIFR exam:

  1. International sources of authority
  2. Elements of financial statements
  3. Presentation of financial statements and additional disclosures
  4. Preparation of external financial reports for combined Entities, associates and joint arrangements.

The Essentials

  • Number of exams:

    One exam (split into two sections)

  • Types of questions:
    • 1 consolidation question (40 marks)
    • 3 scenario questions (60 marks)
  • Duration:

    3 hours and 15 minutes

  • Scoring:

    A minimum score of 50 percent is required to complete the exam

  • Exam Dates:

    June & December

To do list:

  • Get a heads-up, use past exam papers as a rough guide for what to expect
  • Leave no stone unturned - Check out Morgan’s FAQs

The Morgan Experience

Here’s why you made the right choice:

It’s All About You

So which type of learner are you?

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Becker Diploma in International Financial Reporting