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Africa, Middle East & India

  • Morgan International Lebanon S.A.L

    Qubic Square Business Center, 4th Floor, Section E
    Daoud Ammoun Street, Horsh Tabet, Sin El Fil,
    Beirut, Lebanon
    +961 1 490 830 - 490 840 - 490 850

  • Qatar Finance & Business Academy

    Qatar Finance and Business Academy School QFBA
    Qatar Financial Centre Tower 2, Al Wahda St, West Bay,
    Doha, Qatar
    +974 4496 8333

North America



Are You Looking for a Great Career?

At Morgan you can, and experience a great career while you’re at it. We don’t only train tomorrow’s top executives, we care deeply about what we do, and you can join us in making a difference! Why you’ll love working with us:

  • The Morgans

    Diverse, we definitely are, but the Morgan people have one thing in common: we are all passionate about what we do, and we bring this zest for life to work every day.

  • How We See the World

    Passionate about what we do is just one aspect of our culture. We’re also firm believers in quality, and in caring about our students, one another, and the wider world around us.

    Get a taste for our culture
  • What Makes Us Smile

    Everyone loves the perks of the job and at Morgan we get everything from health insurance to free enrollment on any of our certification courses. But then there are also the more fun things like flexible vacations, community activities, and celebrating everyone’s birthday, or in other words, lots of cake!

Join the Morgans

  • Marketing

    Bring your creativity and help make an impact

  • Operations

    Help make everything run smoothly and everyone happy

  • Sales

    Be the face of Morgan building relationships beyond our walls

  • Finance

    Show us your expertise with numbers

  • Faculty

    Bring classroom to life with your industry knowledge

Not sure which job opening is perfect for you?

Why not explore them all!

Your Career Starts Here

Career Counselor

Are you a caring kind of person who loves to see others succeed? Then being a Morgan career counselor should fit you to a tee. You’ll need a warm, sunny personality to make sure that our candidates have an impeccable experience as you guide them through their learning journey. Knowing Morgan’s products inside out, you’ll give great advice, and make sure that every candidate knows what to expect and how to achieve it.

Sounds like the job for me!

Business Manager

Are you a born leader who dreams of motivating others to achieve great things? As a Morgan business manager you’ll get to put your leadership skills into action, managing a team and liaising with the regional office to make sure sales objectives are not only met but exceeded. You’ll also need to be a people person who can act as the personal face of Morgan with individuals, companies, alumni, institutions, universities, chapters and business community.

Sounds like the job for me!

Part-time Instructor

Want to share your expertise with others? Maybe expand your skills from the office to the classroom? If you’re a fluent English speaker and certified with four or more plus years of experience in any of Morgan’s fields of learning, then the role of part-time instructor could be for you. You’ll get to bring out the best from our students and add a plus to your CV while you’re at it.

Sounds like the job for me!