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Certificate in International Financial Reporting

How to earn the CertIFR

  1. Enroll

    It’s easy to enroll in Morgan’s CertIFR course. We have flexible learning formats and comprehensive resources made for you. Explore our learning options! Get them now!
  2. Apply

    You can apply for the Certificate in International Financial Reporting Assessment through ACCA’s website.
  3. Assessment

    Morgan makes sure you receive the best preparation for your assessment. Get the lowdown on what to expect and the assessment topics you’ll be tested on.
    Bring it on!

  4. Congratulations

    After passing the assessment, you will receive your official Certificate in International Financial Reporting from ACCA.

With Morgan you’re always prepared for exam time

All About your CertIFR Assessment

All your questions about the assessment have an answer right here

What’s in the assessment?

Your CertIFR assessment measures your understanding of IFRS concepts and addresses the following topics:

  • The nature and operations of the IASB
  • The status and use of IFRSs around the world
  • Presentation and profit
  • Accounting for assets and liabilities
  • Group accounting
  • Disclosure standards
  • Principal differences between UK/US GAAP and IFRS
  • Proposals for change

What’s Involved

    Exam format:
    online assessment
    Exam time:
    one-hour exam
  • Question Structure:
    You will be required to pass a multiple choice examination.
  • Number of question:
    25 multiple choice questions
  • Scoring:
    The pass mark is 50%

To Know List:

  • Assessment is available online all year round.
    The fees cover two attempts to re-sit the assessment if you fail but must be taken within six months of accessing it. If you do not pass after three attempts, you will need to pay another registration fee to attempt the assessment again, giving you a further three attempts to pass.
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