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Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Search


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Your CDMS-Search Exam 101

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What’s in the test?

Your CDMS-Search exam measures your knowledge and social media marketing proficiency. The curriculum and exam cover the ten following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Search Marketing
  • Module 2: SEO – Setup
  • Module 3: SEO – Content
  • Module 4: SEO – Workshop
  • Module 5: PPC Advertising – Search
  • Module 6: PPC Advertising – Display Networks
  • Module 7: PPC Advertising – Video
  • Module 8: Analytics – Setup
  • Module 9: Analytics – Applied
  • Module 10: Strategy & Planning

What’s Involved

    Exam format:
    Exam time:
    180 minutes (or 3 hours)
  • Exam Structure:
    A range of different question formats are used including Multiple Choice and Hot Spot questions Scoring: You must achieve 60% in each of the exam sections

To do list:

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