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What does a Project Manager do?

Posted on May 22, 2016 4:00 pm;

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The straight answer to this question is that a Project Manager manages projects with definite

outcomes, in a specific timeframe, with a certain budget. To do this the Project Manager does the




  • Plan the scope of the work (including being clear about items which are clearly out of scope).
  • Plan what will be done and when. This can be done as a project plan, perhaps as a GANTT chart.
  • Plan resources – i.e. who is going to carry out which tasks.


Risks and Issues

  • Establish anything which might be a risk to the project.
  • Produce a risk register with quantifiable outcomes if the risk were to become an issue, and the likelihood of that happening.
  • Establish risk mitigation strategies.



  • Ensure the project has a Project Sponsor.
  • Resource the project appropriately. This may include hiring resources.
  • Produce a RACI, which will track which resources are responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed.
  • Delegate tasks to resources and motivate accordingly.
  • Track progress of resources against the plan.



  • Coordinate all activities and resources.
  • Ensure the project is running to time and within budget.


Change Management

  • Managing project change requests.
  • Managing project scope and control scope creep.



  • Production of all project documents such as the business case, project initiation, resource plan

and much more!


As outlined, it is clear that a Project Manager has a diverse role which requires a wide range of skills

and experience. It is really useful for Project Managers to gain an accredited qualification

as not only will that provide the necessary education and training, but many

employees will require a qualification such as the PMP credential .

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