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Top Tips for FMP Exam Success

Posted on March 8, 2015 1:39 pm;

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So you’re on your way to earning your FMP credential. Let Morgan give you a helping hand with some top tips to aim for exam success.

First things first

Before you start anything, you want to review the Facility Management Introduction video available on your online access. This gives you an overview and understanding of the facility management industry and FMP credential.

Assess yourself

Next it’s time to assess your current knowledge and how this compares to the subject matter in each chapter by taking the pre-test.

Plan it

With your pre-test done you’re in a position to create a realistic study plan for yourself. Make sure that you use your study time effectively.

Carry it with you

In addition to your printed booklets, you can download each course onto an e-reader so that you can carry your reading around with you wherever you go.

One by one

Make sure you take the chapters one at a time. When you reach the end of each chapter, you have several ways to check and reinforce your knowledge and understanding.

Make the most out of your online resources... 

Ask yourself

Access your chapter quizzes online for a handy tool to gauge just exactly where your gaps in knowledge still lie.

Apply it

The online chapter case studies provide real-life examples of how course content is applied in the professional world. These will help to reinforce your understanding.

Be flash

Flashcards are available either online or in a print version. These are also great tools for reinforcing your learning.

Be resourceful

Check out the online Resource Center, where you can enrich your learning via additional material, links and resources.

Take it

After doing all the above you should be ready to take your final assessment, which consists of 50 unique questions never seen in any previous test. You’ll need to pass all four assessments to earn your FMP credential. Good luck!

Got any questions? Need any help? Contact a Morgan today, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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