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Ready to get cracking for your CSCP exam?

Posted on December 17, 2014 1:13 pm;

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Ready to get cracking on your CSCP exam

Morgan has some tips to help you along the way

Be prepared

Making a study schedule for revision is essential. You’ll need to think about how many hours you need and how to split those hours according to your needs. Every student is different of course, but as a general benchmark, candidates usually need around 100 hours of total revision time for each exam. Our tip for getting a good idea of how much time you’ll need is to measure how long you take to get through one chapter of the CSCP module and project your study plan calculations on that.

Reach out

You’re not alone and connecting with other candidates going through the CSCP program can be really helpful. The APICS Supply Chain Channel and the APICS online community are great resources for finding study groups, starting discussions or seeking support.

Be on top of timing

When your revision is over, don’t leave it too long to schedule your exam. You’ll be at your best when everything is still fresh in your mind. Make sure you’ve checked your eligibility, decided when and where you’d like to take the test, and made a note of the testing windows.

Ready to test?

You’ll need an Authorization to Test (ATT) that you can get by going to, and you can check the Morgan’s website (to link to CSCP exam section) for current testing windows and testing locations worldwide.

Exam time tips…

Keep calm & carry on

Don’t let the pressure get to you. Staying calm and focused is your key to doing your best.

Use it all up

Don’t leave early: take all the time you’re given for the exam. Even if you finish before the time is up, use it to go back over your answers.

When the going gets tough

Don’t get hung up on hard questions: mark them to come back to them later and keep going.

Watch out for words

Read every question carefully, paying attention to how it is worded.

Review it

Leave some time at the end of the exam to go back over your answers – you never know what you might catch.

Good luck from Morgan for your exam! We’ll be thinking of you!

Get practicing now with sample CSCP exam questions.

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