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7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Supply Chain Experts

Posted on August 31, 2015 1:11 pm;

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The demand for supply chain experts is on the rise, and not just in the MENA region but globally too! This is great news for supply chain & logistics professionals because you know too well what that translates into: it opens doors to exciting career opportunities, higher remunerations and chances to relocate with your company or get a job in an exciting new location.

And there's many reasons why businesses nowadays are actively seeking certified supply chain professionals, but we've made it easy for you and just listed our top seven:

Reason #1: Businesses are under pressure
So many challenges to the supply chain industry exist today – and only the most qualified staff can help tackle them. As a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) your expertise in tech trends, sustainable strategies, cost saving, customer communication, performance efficiency and more put you in demand.

Reason # 2: Global operations are more complex
As the world opens up more and more to cross-border trade, and as markets become increasingly globalized, there’s a whole wealth of companies looking for candidates with supply chain expertise.

Reason #3: Certification is becoming a must
A more globalized marketplace with more complex operating environments means even greater demand for supply chain management that’s effective. More than ever being certified is becoming a must for hiring in the supply chain industry.

Reason #4: Outsourcing is on the rise
Companies are increasingly outsourcing to third party logistics providers. This in turn is creating jobs in fields such as operations, distribution, transportation, supply chain management and more. This means more opportunities for qualified personnel such as those with a CSCP.

Reason #5: Top talent is in demand
There’s increased demand for supply chain-focused designations, but there’s also increased demand for talent with proven strategic thinking, planning abilities, and interpersonal skills – something the APICS CSCP gives you and more.

Reason #6: Optimal efficiency is essential
Just as businesses are increasingly looking to cut costs, drive efficiency, boost productivity, and improve customer service, the CSCP delivers these same skills all in one.

Reason #7: A 360-degree perspective is required
To maximize its value chain, a company needs a 360-degree perspective that goes beyond internal operations. The CSCP is specifically designed to equip candidates with this perspective, enabling them to become a logistics expert in any industry for both business and consumer markets.

Sounds exciting enough? Here’s what it takes to become a CSCP!


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