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A Day in the Life of a Supply Chain Manager

Posted on April 23, 2018 3:00 am;

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By Morgan International Staff Writers 

Perhaps you are considering a career in supply chain and are wondering exactly what the day to day entails. At a high level they are responsible for all of the steps required to produce a product/service and get it to the customer. Some would argue that their role does not stop there, but also extends in the case of some products to their appropriate disposal. However for our example let’s take a Supply Chain Manager with responsibility for a product set. Let us look at a typical day:

9am:10am – Review emails from suppliers, many of which are likely to have come in through the night if the supply chain is global in nature. Take a look at the meetings in the diary for the day ahead and ensure all preparation has been done.

10am:11am – Meet with internal stakeholders to agree a strategy for a negotiation with one of the materials suppliers later in the afternoon. Agree parameters for each variable due to be discussed and agree who will take the lead role.

11am:11.30am – A one to one with the head of Supply Chain to discuss ongoing projects, priorities and pipeline work. A discussion is had over maintaining the quality delivered by suppliers whilst making cost reductions in the coming year.

11.30am:12.30pm – Work through your upcoming contract renewals and begin emailing stakeholders and arranging meetings to agree the terms of potential renewals or whether you might go out to tender. Working through the detail carefully so that you do not miss any termination dates.

12.30pm:1.30pm – Working lunch with a current supply to discuss their performance and to run through the balanced scorecard.

1.30pm:3.30pm – Supplier negotiation to agree the terms of a new deal, working through a number of contractual clauses and having a final price conversation.

4.30pm:5.30pm – Back to the desk to speak with the legal team about a number of points that came out of the supplier negotiation and to take their advice. Then back to emails to see what has come in through the day and reply.

5.30pm:6pm – Have a look at what is in the diary for tomorrow and do any prep that you won’t have a chance to do in the morning.

In Summary

The day to day role of a Supply Chain Manager is very varied with tasks ranging from very tactical, to extremely strategic. This is what makes the role interesting and exciting – there is never a dull day!

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