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Top 4 Social Media Trends in 2019

Posted on December 20, 2018 4:42 pm;

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Now that 2019 is at your doorstep, marketers are beginning to ask the oh-so-famous questions: “what’s changing in digital marketing?”

2018 was full of unexpected data breaches and algorithm changes which have made marketers wary about latest updates and how to be ready for them. So, we’re not going to keep you waiting any longer, here are some digital marketing trends you’ll need to watch out for in 2019.


1. Social E-commerce

Most marketers, mainly social media experts, are now resorting to the news feed placement which has become the new storefront for their brands, knowing that one in every four people are purchasing a product via social media.

E-commerce through social media has proven successful during the past three years and it’s understandable why both social networks and brands are investing heavily in creating a more seamless shopping experience on all social media platforms. In 2018, Instagram stepped up its game by adding a shopping feed in the Search & Explore tab, in addition to several shoppable tags to stories and posts. Advertisers on Instagram can now tag one product per story and up to 5 products per post. Users who click on a tag can view a product’s image, its description, price, and a link to the store through which they can purchase the product.

Snapchat is on the same fast track, and is investing in the next generation of social commerce through its partnership with Amazon and is currently in the process of developing a shoppable AR experience.


Now the trick is this: marketers will have to try to convince users on their social media platforms to convert instead of just engaging. It’s no longer about clicking the ‘like’ button, it’s going to be all about the ‘buy’ button. Such a change in behavior will require providing users with more appealing content that can resonate for them and showcase how a certain product is the right choice for their lifestyle.


2. Video Content

According to experts, almost 80% of what we will consume online in the near future will be videos. Video content has been recently dominating social media platforms whether it be through our mobile phone, tablets or computers. But despite the above-mentioned statistics, only 60% of social media experts are using videos in their strategies.

In Numbers: why should you invest in video content?

  • 79% of buyers prefer watching a video to learn more about a product.
  • 70% of buyers claim they have previously shared a brand’s video.
  • 84% of buyers have purchased a product after watching a video.


  • Videos will become more searchable not only on Google but also on other social media platforms.
  • More videos will be shot in a vertical format instead of the usual horizontal format used on social networks.
  • Marketers should consider creating videos that are optimized for mobile phones since 60% of users view videos on their personal mobile phones. According to comScore, users spend almost 40 minutes a day watching YouTube videos on their mobile devices.


3. Branded Podcasts

Are you up for a 30-minute advertisement? Though it looks undoable or unappealing, it turns out that many people are ready for it! Do you know that several big brands have already created their own podcast series, such as McDonald’s (The Sauce), Casper (In Your Dreams with Chris Gethard), Tinder (DTR), and MasterCard (Fortune Favors the Bold)?

Almost 124 million users in the US alone that are frequent listeners to podcasts which is, by the way, the same number as Twitter’s monthly active users.

Now you may say, okay that’s great, but what about engagement rates? Well, according to The E.W. Scripps Co., podcast listeners have made it through about 90% of any given episode, where 75% of them have placed an action on a sponsored message. It’s important to know that podcasts do have high conversion rates and many brands are investing huge amounts to create their own podcast series.


More brands will be looking to engage in this branded storytelling advertising form in an effort to convert listeners into actual buyers, and without any character restrictions, this makes brands free to share more information in a more appealing way than a simple tweet.


4. Long-Form Content

SEO experts are recommending an investment in long-form content which can give businesses that extra edge. Despite the fact that Google is not penalizing blog posts that have failed to reach a certain word count threshold, it’s known that a high-quality blog of 1,500 words or more would most likely outrank a high-quality article of 500 words or less.

More business blogs are now embracing long-form content and incorporating it into their content marketing strategies. Thus, businesses that aren’t noticing any SEO traction with short blog posts may want to jump on the bandwagon and start posting long articles that are rich with information and insights as those would be more likely to give Google a reason to rank them more favorably.


Marketers should start publishing information-rich articles with a minimum of 1,500 words to boost their SEO ranking.


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