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LinkedIn Features that Businesses Should Get to Grips With

Posted on July 17, 2018 3:00 am;

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By Morgan International Staff Writers 

LinkedIn is a social media with a specific purpose. According to a 2017 study by the Northwestern University in Qatar, LinkedIn draws far fewer users than more generalised social media services like Facebook and Instagram. That’s because it’s specialised toward businesses and professionals, which gives it unique advantages. It’s an incredibly effective tool in creating winning business relationships, especially in the Middle-East’s growing digital economy.

To get the best from it, you’ll need to be familiar with some of its key new features. Let’s look at some of them!


Video is a powerful digital marketing medium. It’s got great viral potential, and it’s never been easier to create and upload. In March, LinkedIn announced two new and easy ways to introduce interest into your online videos. These were Instagram-style filters and new text styles for adding a caption to your video. Users will have three text styles to play with initially, with more set to be rolled out in the future.


LinkedIn now offers a greater variety of analytics tools than ever before. Through them, you’ll be able to see exactly who is engaging with your content and where they’re based. You’ll gain access to information about the size and makeup of your followers, as well as the activity on your page.

Effective digital marketing is driven by data. Leverage the analytics tools LinkedIn provides, and you’ll have more of it to work with than ever before.

Smart replies 

With real-time conversations becoming the norm rather than the exception for online recruiters, we’ve seen LinkedIn include a smart-reply system to their instant messaging service. With their help, you’ll be able to reply instantly with a suggested piece of text. It’s an excellent way for businesses to remain responsive without having to set aside valuable time to compose an individualised reply to every message!


Regular blogging is a great way to draw traffic to your business’s corner of LinkedIn. With a publishing platform built-in, you’ll be able to share your knowledge in much the same way as you might with a dedicated hosting service like WordPress.

In conclusion 

LinkedIn has a lot to offer professionals in the Middle East. To get the best from it, why not enrol in our Certified Digital Marketing Specialist course? It offers the comprehensive instruction in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter you’ll need to get ahead in the digital era!

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