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Is the Next Generation Turning their Back on Facebook?

Posted on October 24, 2018 12:51 pm;

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We live in a time when the use of social media is booming, and this trend is only set to continue. In the Middle East, there is a population of 246 million and 147 million are internet users. Active social media users account for 98 million and this number is rapidly expanding. In the US, there is a similar story. According to data derived from a Pew Research Center Survey, 95% of US teens between the ages of 13 to 17 have a smartphone and half of these users are on their phones most of the day.


The decline of Facebook
Interestingly, it seems that the younger generation is slowly turning their back on social media platform Facebook, in favor of others, such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Facebook usage in some countries in the Middle East has continued to fall since 2013 and in the US, only around half of the teens have a Facebook account, with a mere 10% saying it is their most used social media platform. Adults tend to be much more committed to using Facebook, with many checking their social media accounts multiple times throughout the day. The decline in usage is not particularly worrying for Facebook since they own Instagram anyway.


Growing YouTube usage
YouTube has its biggest global market in Saudia Arabia and the average young person will spend over an hour each day watching videos. In the US, YouTube also has a high market share of the younger generation, with 85% stating that they had an account and 32% saying they used it the most often out of all their social media platforms.


Instagram and SnapChat
The other two most popular social media platforms amongst the younger generation are Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram usage in the Middle East has grown from 7% in 2013 to 42% in 2017. In the US, 72% of teens surveyed said that Instagram was the most common social media platform, with 69% stating Snapchat, but the general usage seems to be higher with Snapchat.


Growing your business with social media
It is vital that businesses keep on top of the changing trends in social media. Businesses need to be able to adapt their digital marketing strategies to grow their customer base and use the most effective social media platforms for the best results. If you want to find out more about using digital marketing effectively, why not take a look at our digital marketing certifications.

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