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Instagram Changes Are Coming Your Way

Posted on December 3, 2018 10:08 am;

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I believe that we've got several Instagram users reading this article, so you better read along as Instagram has recently announced that it's currently in the testing process of several variations of regular and business profile formats.

However, only few will get to see the changes in the meantime, well; at least until they get officially published. As per an Instagram statement, Instagram seems like it's A/B testing in the live environment, with a couple of variations.


So What Are Those Changes?


In regular profiles - as evident in the first image above, your profile image will shift to the right, shrinking the "Followers" and "Following" count and thus de-emphasizing it by moving it to the bottom. Such de-emphasis has also been recently stated as an upcoming step for Twitter. Another change seen above is that the "Follow" button will no longer be the sole Call-to-action (CTA) on your profile as Instagram is adding several other quick link options such as "message", "follow" and "email".

In the below image, you can view how Instagram is placing mutual follows, thus providing more emphasis on how users are linked together in their networks. This will probably be of great advantage for business profiles.





Getting to know which of your followers follow some of the profiles you also follow, can help you build your target audience's persona and see what mutual interests you use to your own advantage, whether through collaborations, partnerships or even through changing your content strategy to attract similar customers and retain your current ones or even turning them into loyal followers or brand ambassadors.


What About Business Profiles?





I see tabs, tabs everywhere... and I'm personally loving them and I hope they all make it out of the Beta or "testing" version. Business profiles would have a number of tabs that they can use for their businesses as seen in the above image.


The Purge: Instagram style

According to a company statement during the past week, Instagram announced that it's currently in the process of removing fake follows and likes across its platform for violating the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. Certain influencers or regular users can now kiss goodbye any fake likes or follows that were generated by using third-party services in an attempt to get more engagement or even rise to social fame.


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