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How Can Hobbies Improve Your Academic Performance

Posted on November 30, 2018 8:56 am;

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Studying is difficult. It doesn’t matter whether exams are a source of terror or something you take in your stride, spending weeks or months in preparation can be daunting. If you’re working out a revision or study timetable for yourself, this could also be the ideal time to either take up a new recreational hobby or resurrect an old one. Here are some ideas that could have a positive impact on your results:

    • Exercise – it’s no secret that exercise is good for you, so factoring a workout into your day will help your brain as much as your body. A brisk walk or a run will help you to focus, and just getting up from your desk and walking around the room for five minutes every half hour or so will give your brain a rest and help you concentrate.


    • Dancing – if the thought of going for a run isn’t for you, put some music on and dance instead. Not only is it a great cardio workout, but research findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine also show that dancing on a regular basis offers up to a 76% reduction in the possibility of developing dementia; a particular decrease in risk not associated with other cardio exercises.


    • Singing – the dementia risk decrease is also offered by singing or playing a musical instrument. We store song lyrics in a different part of the brain to speech and language, so singing gives you a full-brain workout. Find yourself a choir to rehearse with once a week to give yourself a break from your studies, and enjoy the social benefits of singing with others too. Singing doesn’t just have mental health benefits, it’s a good gentle workout too, with benefits for heart and lungs.


    • Painting – you might not have picked up a paintbrush since you were a child, but painting isn’t just relaxing, it improves your concentration, sharpens your motor skills, and boosts your creativity as well. Hobbies that help you focus have a positive impact on your workplace skills, as they boost recall and improve observational abilities.


Of course, you might already have the hobby in place, in which case all you need now is to choose what you’re going to study to get that new qualification. Whether you’re looking for an accountancy or auditing qualification, or want to boost your logistics or human resources skills, contact us today to see what next steps we can offer you in your career.


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