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Fun: The Essential Part of Your Studies

Posted on October 23, 2018 7:38 am;

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Having fun is a very serious business indeed.  You’ll have heard the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, but did you know that being deprived of having fun can actually make you fat, sap your creativity, and even drive you to a life of crime?

Play should be taken as seriously as work, especially if you’re in the middle of a big project, or studying for additional qualifications – burning the midnight oil needs a serious kicking up of heels as a counterpoint, otherwise burnout will be the result.


What is ‘play’?

Play is anything that is:

  • Not serious
  • Not work
  • Chosen

Additionally, play is anything where rules are player-defined and is usually social and communicative. Lack of play in young rats, for example, leads to a notable deficiency in not just social skills in later life, but sub-par motor skills. And we’re not so different from rats.


What is play good for?

Play is also good for helping with impulse control; useful if you’re inclined to procrastinate your way out of studying for exams, or otherwise embarking on any kind of continuing professional development.

It’s also possible to bring an element of play into your work, and particularly into your studies, not least helping with the kind of creative thinking that makes you effective in the workplace.


How should I structure my studies?

Hopefully, you will already know the benefits of taking frequent breaks when you’re studying, but it’s worthwhile seeing how effective you might be if you add an element of play into your work and your breaks.

Of course, play doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone; a quick video game on your mobile phone might be relaxing and fun to you, but it might be annoying and boring to someone else. For someone else, a really difficult maths problem might be hugely entertaining and just as refreshing to them as painting a picture or taking up knitting. What is true for everyone is that a quick burst of fun exercise will help you retain facts and boost your brainpower; try putting on some of your favorite music every half hour or so, and dancing around the room.

If the benefits of play make you feel more positive about undertaking a course of study to develop your professional skills, have a look at the professional certifications we offer. Contact us today for more information.


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