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Ephemeral Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It

Posted on September 11, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Luci M Iley

What it is

Simply put, ephemeral marketing is marketing through apps and mediums which have short-term messaging systems– Messages and images which disappear a few seconds after being viewed. Of course, the main platform for ephemeral marketing is currently SnapChat – with Saudi Arabia alone boasting seven million monthly users – but recently, more and more similar apps have been created. Hoping to follow SnapChat’s success, Kuwait-based Saleh Al-Musallam designed Vonce – an app which allows user to send short voice recording, which are permanently deleted once the recipient has listened to it.

Ephemeral messaging apps are becoming more and more prominent in the digital marketing world and are even taking e-commerce opportunities in stride by implementing wider features and shopping facilities. For example, Snapchat introduced SnapCash in the US in 2014, allowing users to send money using credit or debit cards to other users – including businesses.

The Pros

Middle East and Gulf regions boast a younger population than many other countries, with 54% of the population at age 25 or younger, this means a more social-media hungry audience and more opportunities to connect with the purchasing generation. Meanwhile, temporary messaging and images mean that the experience of sending and receiving messages I much more intimate and personal – making customers feel special and associating more positive feelings with the brand.

Quick messages are non-intrusive and can be viewed quickly and effortlessly, giving brand more opportunities to be seen, rather than ignored due to time restraints, the short life-span also means that when customers receive a message which catches their eye, they will be unable to share it, leading them to convince friends and colleagues to connect with the brand to share the experience.

The Cons

Immediate sharing does not leave much room for high amounts of editing or long messages, especially as these platforms require a lot of unique content to be posted regularly, which may take a lot of time to co-ordinate. Ephemeral marketing, like any new strategy, will also require marketers to learn new measurements and analytical skills -but this is no different to the introduction of any new marketing medium.

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