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Train Your Body and Brain

Posted on November 28, 2018 10:05 am;

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If you’re studying for exams, you will already know the benefits of taking regular breaks to recharge your brain and help you retain information. However, timetable some exercise into your study routine, and you could find your preparation has extra impact.

Some tips and ways in which regular exercise can help you focus:

    • Balance breaks and books – if you’re combining study with a long day at work too, break up your day and head to the gym on the way home so that you’re not going straight from your desk into your studies. The exercise will help to wake you up too if you’re feeling a little sluggish.
    • Take a day off – unless you’re cramming for an exam at short notice due to uncontrollable circumstances, take at least one day away from your books per week. Go out with friends, or just take a few hours for yourself that don’t involve work or study. Certification programs are as tough as they are worthwhile, so reward yourself for hard work.
    • The more you exercise, the more energetic you will feel – within reason, of course. It doesn’t have to be a long gym session either. Try breaking up your study periods as follows; 25 minutes of reading or making notes, followed by five minutes of putting some music on and dancing around the room.
    • Stay upbeat – even with an end goal in sight, study periods for professional qualifications can seem relentless and it can be easy to experience dips in mood. Exercise is a great serotonin releaser, which is useful in controlling depression. Research at Duke University showed that regular exercise helped those with mild to moderate depression as much as those treated with medication.
    • Improve your recall – active bodies make for active minds. Additionally, a brisk walk at lunchtime will kill that afternoon slump, and help you get the most out of the hours available to you. All you need to do to boost your brain is to raise your heart rate.

If you’re now feeling galvanized into action but you’re not currently studying for qualifications that will give you a career boost, why not check out our programs here? We offer everything from accounting to auditing, human resources, marketing, and much more.

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