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HR Chatbots are coming to disrupt HR

Posted on November 21, 2018 11:58 am;

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Are you ready for the HR Chatbots?

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prominent in the HR sector and the next step is for HR chatbots to start being more common in the workplace. Chatbots take over the role of humans by providing quick answers to queries and in some cases, they go much further than this, as they are often used to handle business tasks too.

Statistics show that the global chatbot market is worth around 190.8 million dollars worldwide and this only looks set to increase. These are some functions HR chatbots may have and the possible challenges and disruptions it could cause.

Why HR is using chatbots?

Chatbots are being used to improve processes and to reduce costs. It is thought that the introduction of HR chatbots could reduce business costs by over $8 billion by 2022. HR has lagged when it comes to the adoption of AI, but it looks like there has been a change in direction and it’s likely we will see HR chatbots becoming much more prominent over the next few years. These are some of the functions likely to be taken over, at least in some way, by HR chatbots.

  • Answering questions

Recruitment would be much more efficient if a candidate’s queries were answered quickly. Think about the number of candidates who are considering applying for a role, but need clarity on some aspects of the job spec. If they can’t reach a recruiter to discuss these points, it is likely that they won’t end up applying at all, which obviously has a negative effect on the recruitment process. HR chatbots can step in to improve the recruitment process by answering queries and in some cases, they can even schedule interviews with a recruiter.

  • Improving candidate experience

Many companies in the Middle East struggle to find skilled candidates to fill roles, especially specialist technical roles. When you consider that as many as 70% of candidates fail to complete their application, it makes sense to take steps to ensure they have the best possible candidate experience. HR chatbots can speak to candidates as they drop off and obtain their feedback on the application process. With this information, businesses can implement changes to improve the application process and make the candidate experience more enjoyable. This can increase the number of applications which are key to the success of the business.

  • Employee relations

HR chatbots are also able to assist employees with general functions, such as arranging holidays and even calling in sick, without the need to speak to anyone or access HR software. HR chatbots can be a great timesaver in the HR department, especially in large companies with busy managers.

  • Challenges and disruptions

Although chatbots can have many benefits for HR departments, they also have there share of challenges. HR departments need to be particularly careful about the information they are giving out and how they speak to candidates and staff. Chatbots learn from interactions, but there is a question over how effective they would ensure they are responding in an ethical way.

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