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How Organizations Benefit from SHRM Certified Individuals

Posted on October 30, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Remie Worrall


Getting a job in the HR sector has become more challenging in recent years with more and more companies listing job ads for HR professionals who have a SHRM certificate. After all, a qualification of this kind not only makes an employee a valuable asset but also adds value to the company alike. With this in mind, here are four ways that organizations benefit from SHRM certified individuals.


Employee Knowledge that is Current and Relevant


Choosing SHRM certified individuals makes the recruitment process easier and gives an employer peace of mind when hiring new team members. Having a SHRM certificate proves that your knowledge as a HR professional is current and up to date. This qualification shows potential employers that you are ready to hit the ground running and highlights that you are ready to take on additional responsibilities from the offset.


Increased Job Performance


The SHRM qualification tests candidates on both knowledge and behavior so when organizations hire SHRM certified individuals, they can rest assured that the employee not only has the relevant knowledge but know how to use it. The test is based on employer requirements and the candidate is faced with real life questions that mirror their day to day responsibilities. Organizations benefit from employees that you not only have the necessary knowledge but also business acumen, critical evaluation skills and more.


Adds Validity and Credibility


The SHRM certification is globally recognised and therefore hiring SHRM certified individuals naturally provides an organization with a certain amount of credibility. It provides a simple way to show that the company takes HR seriously and is one way to stand out in a sea of competitors.


A Positive Impact on Profitability


A SHRM qualification can make an employee feel valued and this in turn leads to increased employee satisfaction and productivity. An increase in employee engagement can have a positive impact on an organization’s profits and revenue. Many organizations report certified employees lead to a greater return on investment showing that the SHRM certification is not only valuable to an employee but also the organizations that hire them.


SHRM certified employees can benefit organizations in a number of ways but overall it not only improves the reputation of the company but also helps to achieve operational excellence. Find out how you can become certified here.

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