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Elevate your Recruitment Pitch using Social Media

Posted on June 26, 2016 10:00 am;

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By Cheryl Lyon-Hislop


2016 will be the year when recruiting on social media will become even more important in the war

for talent. Over 900 million people worldwide use Facebook every day. As social networks have

become an integral part of people’s everyday lives, it pays to include social media for recruitment

purposes. Here’s how to maximize the benefits:


  • Ensure your company videos, social media pages and job advertisements, truly reflect

what you represent as a brand. Disgruntled employees and ex-employees are known to

easily correct any false claims and the message spreads virally.


  • If you’re going to use social media channels, like Twitter for recruiting, ask your

followers to tweet you recommendations for jobs you’re looking to fill. Rather than

sharing the job, list personal attributes or competences and let Twitter users share the

information with their contacts.


  • LinkedIn allows potential candidates to publish articles to build their brand and establish

themselves as experts in their field of work. Explore these articles and find talent by

reading views, opinions and research, all of which can help you innovate and add value.


  • LinkedIn candidate searches are becoming increasingly popular for recruiters. Send

potential candidates an InMail to introduce yourself, but don’t start out by asking them if

they're looking for a new position, even though their profiles say they’re interested in Career

Opportunities. Tell them you came across their profile on LinkedIn and saw something that

caught your attention. Find something in common to share and build the relationship slowly.


  • Some candidates record video introductions to help them find the role they desire. It

shouldn’t be a one-way process. Recruiters need to tap into video-sharing platforms, and

record why their companies are great places to work for too.


  • Recruiters can also use phones to communicate with potential candidates on social

media apps. By ensuring that you “favorite” or “like content” and respond to any

messages quickly, this will help you in the race to secure talent. Otherwise you might

lose your candidate to someone who contacted them first, through a tweet or quick

Facebook message.


  • Recruiters need to use the ‘add and subtract keys’ in their Web skills search string. This is

commonly known as Boolean search, and is a successful, if elementary, technique you can

use in your search efforts to find required and scarce skills.


  • If Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest do not feature as part of your social media hiring

strategy, they should. These newcomers are helping the younger generation (mainly) to find

jobs. You need to tap into that market as baby-boomers retire.


The bottom line is that a social media recruiting strategy should feature in your overall Talent

Management Strategy as the role of social media gains ground. These tools are here to stay!

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