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Tips for Choosing the Best CFA Prep Course

Posted on October 21, 2018 10:17 am;

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The CFA charter is one of the most widely recognized and coveted qualifications among those working towards long-term careers in the financial business sector. Choosing the right prep course to ensure that you achieve the best possible result is therefore of crucial importance. In the following article, we highlight some useful tips for choosing the best CFA prep course.


Personal recommendation is always the best form of advertising and the chances are that if you are pursuing the CFA you will most likely already be employed in the industry to some degree or another. Your social and career network is, therefore, going to include at least a few individuals who have already had some experience of the CFA. Your company mentor or immediate manager may also have experience with a CFA prep course.

A proven track record

Along with a solid reputation for delivering the goods, a reputable CFA prep course provider is also likely to have a history that has provided them with a wealth of learning and instructional experience. A relative newcomer may seek to compete on price but do you really want to take chances with your future career prospects?


There are no laws against being thorough and performing due diligence, which usually cost you nothing but has the potential to save you big on regret at a later date. One of the questions you may want to consider during such an exercise is whether the authors of the course have qualified for the CFA themselves?

A clear tried and tested method of learning

Market leading CFA prep courses are the ones that make use of the most up-to-date learning methods. Such systems won’t leave you high and dry and devoid of that all-important support. Such companies have invested heavily in tried and tested learning methodology that is designed to make every hour spent really count.

Practice questions and mock exams

Preparing for your CFA exam is a huge commitment in your valuable time and finances so you are going to want to ensure that the prep course thoroughly caters for every aspect of the exam itself. Courses that have relevant practice questions and authentic mock exams are essential to ensure that you are fully familiar with how the examination is structured on the day.

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