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Why Study For ACCA?

Posted on February 28, 2015 2:27 pm;

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There’s so many reasons to decide to study to become ACCA qualified. We’ve picked out a few to help you on your way.

So much support

ACCA has a wealth of resources to help you on your way, plus a global customer support center available 24/7.

The biggest movement

500,000+ members and students in 170 countries, makes ACCA the largest and fastest growing accountancy body of its kind.

Wide horizons

Every industry needs accountants – your career options are diverse. What’s more the ACCA is evidence that you possess skills in high demand in fields as diverse as industry, banking, law and consulting.


ACCA gives you both financial and management accounting skills meaning that you can move between roles, industries and sectors.

Global respect

The ACCA is recognized and respected across the world by employers and clients

Rewarded in so many ways

It’s not just increased career options that ACCA gives you, a higher salary could also be yours.


The ACCA syllabus reflects the needs of today’s finance and accounting industry, giving you strategic thinking and a range of skills to bring innovation to your workplace.

Tipped for the top

The ACCA paves the way for career growth, proving you have the skills to make it all the way to senior management.

Accessible to all

Anyone can study to become ACCA qualified – no barriers to entry!

Flexible start

Depending on your academic background, your ACCA studies can begin at foundation, fundamentals or professional level.

Learning in tune with your lifestyle

Live classes, online, or self study – pick your perfect learning program and fit it around your work/life balance.

Those all important letters

You’ll be a Chartered Certified Accountant and earn the right to use the designatory letters ACCA after your name.

Better job prospects

Your ability in all areas of business will open doors

Practical and instantly applicable

Unlike a university degree, the ACCA qualification gives you skills you can immediately put to work in your career

More than accountancy

ACCA equips you not only with accountancy skills but also the entire range of competences required to work in a finance team.

Globally relevant

The ACCA qualification is based on international accounting and auditing standards, making it globally relevant.

Established reputation

ACCA has more than 100 years of proven reputation in its field.

A torchbearer for ethics

ACCA enforces high global ethical standards.

Serious career building blocks

With ACCA status to your name you can gain exemption from parts of other academic qualifications, giving you a head start on furthering your learning path.

So do you think the ACCA qualification is for you? Here are your easy steps to earning this prestigious qualification.

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