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What ACCA Gives You

Posted on February 28, 2015 2:25 pm;

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ACCA is a qualification that gives you wide-ranging career opportunities. Just take a look at the different skill-sets which could be yours.

Corporate reporting

Perhaps the most obvious skill-set that ACCA will give you but also one of the most important is the ability to prepare high quality business reports. You’ll submit these to stakeholders to enhance their understanding and help with decision-making.

Leadership and management

Are you ready to lead? With the ACCA you will be. The qualification teaches you how to manage resources and lead organizations in an effective and ethical manner, ensuring you also understand stakeholder needs and priorities.

Strategy and innovation

Your input is needed to guide an organization forward. You’ll need to be innovative, imaginative, but also conscious of cost efficiency as you assess, evaluate and formulate solutions that can drive effective change management and business process improvement. As an ACCA you are guaranteed to have this and more.

Financial management

The bottom line of the financial management skill-set is that it’s all about value creation. It’s the knowledge you need to implement effective investment and financing decisions in a wide range of areas crucial to business development.

Sustainable management accounting

Creating value is one thing, but creating sustainable value is another. And that’s where sustainable management accounting comes in. As part of your ACCA learning you will acquire the skills to assess, evaluate, and implement management accounting and performance management systems that ensure sustainable value creation.


Tax knowledge is an in-demand skill: businesses need tax experts to maximize their revenues and reduce risks. Your ACCA qualification gives you the knowledge to help businesses or individuals ethically comply with tax regulations and systems, using the relevant computation and planning techniques.

Audit and assurance

How information is interpreted is crucial to how a business moves forward. With your ACCA qualification you will have proven ability in performing high quality audits that involve gathering evidence, evaluating systems and controls, and meeting an organization’s objectives for audit and assurance.

Governance, risk and control

Think of it as the safety net that every business needs: governance is all about having effective internal audit and control systems in place so that risks are identified, and rules and procedures are followed. Your ACCA qualification gives you the skill-set to design and implement these systems.

Stakeholder relationship management

A sustainable business needs to successfully align its business strategy with the needs and expectations of its shareholders. Your ACCA status qualifies you to do just this, by engaging stakeholders in meaningful dialogue that communicates the most relevant information.

Professionalism and ethics

One of the impacts of the global financial crisis was a greater emphasis on ethical behavior in business. Your ACCA qualification teaches you how to balance knowledge, sensitivity and judgment while acting according to principles of ethical behavior and personal ethics in your work. It’s a skill-set that is highly valuable to any business today.

But that’s not all, take a look at where the ACCA qualification can take you!

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