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What Do You Get With the Diploma in International Financial Reporting?

Posted on March 8, 2015 1:22 pm;

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A world-class qualification

DipIFR is recognized internationally and provided by world-class organization ACCA.

Fluency in IFRS

You’ll have the in-depth knowledge to be comfortable in dealing with IFRS.

Broader knowledge

The DipIFR takes you deeper into IFRS than any workshop ever can.

Essential knowledge

Being familiar with IFRS is no longer a choice but more of a necessity – globalization is creating a world where finance professionals need to speak the same language in financial reporting.


The DipIFR will give you a thorough grounding in IFRS terminologies, while giving you the confidence to review and advice on financial statements.

Better prospects

The DipIFR can lead to more career opportunities, promotion and better salary.

A plus on your resume

The DipIFR is proof of your skills in IFRS and your serious commitment to a career in international finance and accounting.


Having the DipIFR will gain you recognition and respect within your own company but also among employers around the world.

A great professional advantage

Like any professional qualification, the DipIFR can help distinguish you from your peers.

Doors opening

With the growing use of IFRS around the world, your DipIFR will bring more career opportunities your way.

Global skills

With a DipIFR you have knowledge that is in demand across the world.

Study your way

The DipIFR can be studied for at your own pace, while working, and in a way that’s in tune with your lifestyle.

User-friendly course

Candidates find the DipIFR easy to follow thanks to the expertly prepared course materials.

Shortcut to success

The DipIFR can be studied for in as little as four months.

Up-to-date knowledge

The course is designed to be up to date, always keeping pace with ever-changing accounting standards.

CPD credit

If you’re an ACCA member you can use the DipIFR to count towards your continuing professional development (CPD).

Value for money

With the possibility of being completed in a short amount of time, and the potential career rewards that await you, the DipIFR represents excellent value for money.

International access

The DipIFR can be taken worldwide at any of the hundreds of ACCA testing centers.

Sounds exciting enough? See how you can earn the DipIFR in six easy steps.

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