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Morgan Wants You to Pass: Check Out Our Top CMA Exam Tips

Posted on March 1, 2015 12:54 pm;

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Be like clockwork

Your watch should become your best friend. Set regular study times and stick to them.

Break it down

Don’t cram your study into long periods – break it down into smaller chunks. Give yourself a break after 45 minutes of intense study and you will feel infinitely better when you return.

Grab a highlighter

Have a highlighter pen at the ready and underline anything in your textbook that you feel the need to reread later.

Be on good terms

Technical terms, equations and acronyms all need to be learned. Get to know each of them and what they mean.

Use mnemonics

This is a super memory aid that can boost your learning potential. It’s all about creating personal associations to help you retain information. For example, CCIS to remember the four ethical standards: Competence, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Credibility.

Seek flashes of inspiration

Flashcards are an excellent resource – use them! Keep some with you at all times and break them out during moments that can be easily filled – such as waiting for the elevator, or when stuck in traffic.

Partner up

It doesn’t matter who – anyone will do, but grab a partner who can act as your flashcard tester.

Don’t take it easy

The closer you get to the exam, the more you need to focus on the more difficult areas – the ones you find most challenging. Don’t neglect them!

Reach out

There are no limits to where you can go in search of additional help with learning – from browsing the internet to picking the brains of colleagues or tutors, reach out for information.

Love your study plan

Keep your study plan close, but also update it as you go, tailoring it your evolving needs as the exam approaches.

Take a check-up

Inside your textbook the knowledge checks section is a great resource for testing comprehension of completed sections – use it!

Go online

To rate your multiple choice ability, head for the Online Test Bank and use the results to pinpoint your weak areas.

Just go for it

There’s no penalty for a wrong answer, so make sure you answer all questions when sitting the exam.

Practice makes perfect

Sharpen your essay writing skills by turning to the Essay Exam Support Materials section of your textbook, which is filled with useful examples and advice. Also turn to the Resources section of the Online Test Bank for more practice essay questions.

Get the inside knowledge

The Essay Exam Support Materials is also the place to go to find out how the points scoring system works, and how to maximize your chances of scoring points with your answers.

Take it easy

Don’t’ stay up all night or work too hard before your exam – you need to make sure you are well rested and in peak physical condition to put in your best performance. Good luck!

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