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IMA 2014 Salary Survey: UAE & KSA Results

Posted on November 17, 2015 8:23 am;

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Are you currently working in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia? Or perhaps in search of a job and planning to relocate to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even Riyadh? As a finance or accounting professional looking to take the leap into this fast-paced environment, you’ll definitely need IMA’s handy guide for an idea on what to expect in terms of financial compensations.

Every year, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) conducts a global survey of its members to examine compensation levels, salary trends and other employment-related factors. In 2014, the IMA received 429 usable responses from members in the UAE and 268 usable responses form members in KSA and this report examines those responses in detail, including:

  • Expected base salary and total compensation
  • Impact f gender and age on compensation
  • Effect of the CMA certification on members’ earnings
  • Items related to job satisfaction, including hours worked and benefits received

Download IMA’s 2014 Salary Survey for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia here.

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