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Don’t Miss Going Global With IQEX

Posted on March 8, 2015 1:10 pm;

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IQEX offers you a shortcut to a CPA licence. There’s less exam work involved, but the end rewards for being a CPA are still the same – and there’s so many of those. Here’s why pursuing IQEX adds value to your career as a Chartered or Certified Public Accountant:

Global recognition

IQEX is your route to the CPA, the most globally recognized accounting qualification in the world.

Less exam work

IQEX takes 3 hours to complete while the Uniform CPA exam takes 14 hours.

Relevant to accounting today

IQEX is now the same as the REG part of the Uniform CPA exam, and reflects the global trend toward IFRS in accounting.

Be one of an exclusive community

Your IQEX fast tracks you to a CPA, meaning you become a member of an exclusive worldwide community. The numbers are 1.3 million and growing – and you could be one of them.

Boost your earning power

CPAs bring in more money and more opportunity! Not only are you more in demand as a CPA, you’re also in line for higher earnings. According to the AICPA, CPAs earn 10-15% more than non-CPAs working in accounting-related jobs. Or you can look at it this way, a CPA has the potential to boost their earnings by $1 million over their lifetime compared to a non CPA in the same position.

A career that will take you places

Yes, being a CPA means you are a qualified accountant, but it also means much more than that. With this qualification to your name, your career opportunities become as diverse as you can imagine – think worldwide.

Mobility across industries

If you think being a CPA means you will be stuck in an accountancy firm, think again. With a CPA you can work in a vast range of industries, because every business needs an accountant. This means you could be doing the accounts for rock stars at a recording company, or auditing the Oscar results – accountants work in many different fields and the options are limitless.

3 coveted initials after your name

C.P.A. – they may be three simple initials but they mean so much. Once you are a designated CPA you have the right to add these letters after your name and feel proud of it.

Sounds exciting enough? You can earn your IQEX in five easy steps. Find out how.

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