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Why Consultants Love Data Driven Recruiting

Posted on November 28, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin

The recruitment process can reveal an abundance of information, which can be key for making recruiters more effective. The analysis of this data can help to make the recruitment process more effective and this is known as data driven recruiting. Data driven recruiting is becoming more common, although it is still not being used as widely as it could be. The purpose of data driven recruiting is to use data to identify important information and trends, which can make the process more successful. There are many reasons why data driven recruiting can be an essential tool for the recruitment process.

Improve Candidate Engagement

Without using data driven recruiting, recruiters often don’t have a clear understanding of where candidates are in the process. This often leads them to advertise roles which could easily be filled by those who are already on the books. Data driven recruiting can give recruiters a better understanding of the candidate pipeline, therefore improving candidate engagement and reducing costs.

Identify Social Media Trends

A substantial amount of time is spent sourcing candidates for roles and quite often, these may be ineffective without recruiters realizing. Unless recruiters physically spend time working out where candidates are coming from, which is not realistic, they have no idea of which social media platforms are most effective. Data driven recruiting can help recruiters to identify social media trends and gain an understanding of which methods are most effective. This can improve the overall recruitment process.

Increase Knowledge

In addition to enrolling in essential programs such as the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification programs for developing HR skills and knowledge, data driven recruiting can vastly increase the knowledge of consultants. Without using data, consultants are generally just going on observations or gut instincts, rather than being able to identify successes and trends. This increase in knowledge can substantially benefits consultants in their roles.

Potential Issues

Data driven recruiting can also help to identify any potential issues in the process, which may be affecting performance. For example, recruiters may not be making use of suitable inactive candidates from their database to fill live roles and this could be causing inefficiencies, without the recruiters realizing it. Data driven recruiting can help to support this.

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