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The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt: Is it For You?

Posted on November 12, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Kate Rawdon


Lean Six Sigma is a simple set of tools and methods for making any business as profitable and efficient as possible. By maximizing profits, and minimizing costs, a business can be completely transformed for the better through teaching employees the Lean Six Sigma principles.

How Lean Six Sigma works

The processes within any business are the key to its success or failure, because they all affect the bottom line. What Lean Six Sigma teaches are measurable and strategic ways to improve any process within a business that can be improved.


Through use of statistics, analysis and lasting change, Lean Six Sigma methods lead to measurable positive changes.

Who is it for?

The Black Belt is an advanced level of Lean Sigma Six training which is applicable to any employees in an organization who lead projects and manage teams.


Employees at these levels will work strategically to implement the principles of Lean Six Sigma across the areas of an organization for which they are responsible, and the principles will affect everything they do.


This kind of training is vital for strategic thinkers in a business, who are able to devote their time to making sure Lean Six Sigma methods are always at work within the organization, through their leadership and management.

Level 3: The Black Belt

This advanced program teaches the teachers - that is, the managers and agenda-setters within any business. It enables them to fully grasp all the tools and principles of Lean Sigma Six, to effectively analyze and permanently solve problems within their business, and to manage projects and teams to do the same.


A few examples of employees in an organization who can benefit from Black Belt training: Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Engineers, COOs, CFOs, Directors of Operations, Directors of Training, Quality Managers, Directors of Quality, Service Managers, Service Directors, Owners, Finance Managers, Project Managers, CIOs, IT Director or Managers, Scientists and Consultants, just to mention a few.


What you’ll learn

With this highly advanced course, you’ll learn everything you need to continually improve your business and to teach other employees to do the same.


For example, with the tried and tested DMAIC method you can measurably and significantly improve any process within a business - a vital skill for effective leaders.


Not only can you change the fortunes of your current business, but having this certification will also make you incredibly desirable in the job market, because of the universal way this skillset can be applied to any business. Enroll now to change your personal and professional fortunes.


Morgan International offers the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in partnership with BlueSkye Track and the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. Explore the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course outline in more details here.

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