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The Growing Industry of HR: Is it the Place to be?

Posted on November 19, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Lyndsey Mclaughlin

HR has changed significantly over the years and as there are so many different roles available within HR; it is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. The umbrella of HR describes recruiters, business partners, administrators, advisors and it is a growing industry. As it is essential for every organisation to have HR representation, no matter how small it may be, it is an industry which is always likely to be needed. If you are unsure of where to go in your career, there are many reasons why HR is one to consider.


HR covers such as wide spectrum of roles that it can offer a lot more opportunities than other industries. Within HR, you can choose the talent management and recruitment side of the function, or advising staff on employee relations. There is also a lot of administration associated with HR and a growing need for HR business partners. You will always find a wealth of opportunities if you choose to work in this side of the business.


The main function of HR is to deal with people and this means there is never a dull moment if you decide to pursue a career in this area. HR is far from boring; there is a lot of variation and most HR staff would agree that no two days are the same. If you are looking for a career which will have a lot of variation, HR is definitely one to consider.


HR can be a highly rewarding career. Whether you are responsible for bringing new talent into the business and supporting growth or improving employee relations, HR is a field where you can really feel like you have made a difference.

Competitive Salary

HR is in such high demand these days that you can expect to be rewarded well with a competitive salary and benefits. Even if you start at the bottom of the ladder in HR, you can quite quickly move into other roles and increase your earning potential in the process.

If you are considering a career in HR, it is essential that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date. HR can be notoriously difficult to get into, but once you get your foot in the door, it can become highly rewarding. It is worthwhile considering investing in a SHRM certification, which will provide you with a deeper understanding of HR related topics, such as policies, recruitment and talent management.


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