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Native Advertising Explained

Posted on November 27, 2016 11:00 pm;

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By Luci M Iley

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is paid marketing content which is often described as being ‘disguised’ into the hosting platform – this can be used in both online and offline media, including magazines, websites, blogs and social media. This content is usually read or viewed in the same way as the medium it is disguised in and is often distinguished only by a small label reading ‘sponsored content’ or similar.

Where Can Native Advertising Be Seen?

In magazines, native advertisements are often in the form of visually appealing articles or content, designed to promote a specific product or brand, but appearing at first glance, to be no different to the publication’s existing content and written media.

Online, native marketing appears in the form of sponsored articles, video content or images, produced in line with the publisher’s branding and regular content, but with a strong message of promotion or a call to action included.

What is Good About Native Advertising?

Native advertisements are often read as if they were a part of their host’s content. Regular readers and viewers will have a personal connection to the content creator and will associate those positive feelings with the message being delivered through the advertisement, leading to a higher chance of conversion and sales as a result.

In the Middle East, native advertising techniques are still relatively new, giving them a higher chance of impacting upon viewers as they discover sponsored content and a new way to digest marketing messages without having their content disrupted.

What is Bad About Native Advertising?

The camouflaged message may not be strong enough to motivate the consumer to take action; by disguising the message as regular content, readers and viewers may treat it as such by consuming the message and simply moving onto the next piece of content, rather than learning more about the brand or engaging with the business.

How can I Learn More About Native Advertising?

Consider pursuing a short diploma in digital marketing, covering online advertising techniques, strategies and tools.

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